Animals are one living creature that lives and occupies the earth and is adjacent to humans. Animals themselves have many types, including vertebrate animal, insects, reptiles and amphibians. The existence of animals is one of the balancing parts of the ecosystem of life and is among living things that can be taken advantage of.

There are so many types of animals found on this earth with a variety of types, and there are those that look funny and adorable, some are even frightening. Usually, an animal that has a cute and adorable type is used as a little animal by some people.

Below we have summarized your use, cute and adorable animals besides cats and dogs:

  • Panda

Panda is an animal that is classified in the bear family. The taxonomy of pandas is a meat-eating animal. The food is like herbivores, the majority of plants are even just bamboo. Technically, pandas are also mentioned as eating animal of all causes known to eat eggs.

Panda has a fat physical body with its distinctive black and white fur. Panda is a favorite animal for some people because it’s funny and most adorable.

There are so many campaigns to save Giant Panda recently. So many organization around the world speak out loud to save this cute animal since Giant Panda is on the edge of extinction. For example like WWF, one of the biggest pet community. They contribute a lot to the campaign here and there.

  • Marmot

Marmot is a type of rodent animal that commonly lives in mountainous regions. The word guinea pig comes from Latin, which means mountain mouse. The main food of guinea pigs is planting, for example, grass, roots, and even flowers.

The types of guinea pigs include flaviventris guinea pigs, ground guinea pigs, Japanese guinea pigs, and Olympus guinea pigs. Marmot is one of the few animals that are preserved in Indonesia because it has a funny and most adorable format.

  • Rabbit

Rabbit or in English called rabbit is one of the adorable animals. This one animal is considered a unique animal because it has long ears and keen hearing. Rabbits move with jumping techniques, and this business makes rabbits look more adorable so that not a little maintained by people.

This one mammal meat can be used because it has a delicious taste and rich in benefits. Rabbit meat has a high macronutrient content that functions as a human energy source. Besides the meat, it can also be used as a source of fashion, because particular rabbit fur has the best and most high quality.

  • Deer

Next is deer. Deer are cute and adorable mammals because they are famous for their peculiar horns, especially in male deer. The deer weight can generally reach between 30-250 kilograms. Deer have the most robust legs, suitable for rough and steep terrain. Deer is also the best jumping and swimmer animal.

There are 34 species of deer scattered in the world which are divided into two main groups, namely subfamily multiacinar and cervinae. Deer usually eat grass, carrots, mustard greens and the like.

  • Hamster

Hamsters almost exist in all the world. Having a cute and small format makes the hamster look the most adorable and easy to carry and doesn’t need to use a large cage. Hamsters are classified as Omnivorous animal. Usually, they eat rice, roots, fruit, green elements in plants, and others.

The types of hamsters are very diverse, including long-tailed hamsters, Korean hamsters, pygmy hamsters, and Gansu hamsters. Because of its small shape, the location of the residence that is needed doesn’t need to be too large with temperatures of 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. In Indonesia, hamsters have not been little traded and become one of the favorite animals to be maintained.

  • Koala

Unique, funny, cute, and adorable is the appropriate name given to koalas. Koala is one of the typical Australian marsupial animals. Koalas can be found along the eastern coast of Australia to the Cape York Peninsula. Koalas have thick, soft hair and long claws to help them climb and grip a tree branch.

Although the shape is cute and adorable, koalas are not usually used as pets because koalas are not suitable for urban environments. Even in Australia, caring for koalas is a violation of the law and will get strict sanctions.

Koalas are often called lazy animals because koalas have a low metabolic rate and sleep without moving around 20 hours a day, and a lot of that time is used by koalas to sleep. They eat not confined to time, but often koalas eat at night by consuming 500 grams of eucalyptus leaves per day.

  • Squirrels

In the last list, it is occupied by squirrels. Squirrels are one of the small size mammals which are often called squirrels. Though scientifically, squirrels do not have the similarity of kinship with squirrels. Squirrels have a relatively large size of mind and are large compared to their tiny bodies. Squirrel foods are usually fruits.

Squirrel is one of the smartest animals that jump between trees to trees. The squirrel has mini size and a relatively long hairy tail. That’s the argument why squirrels are a cute and adorable animal.

After listening to the above explanation about a cute and adorable animal, what do you think about the amusing animal? Or are there other animals that you think are funny beside the animals above?

Hopefully, the information above can be useful for us all in improving and deepening our knowledge and general knowledge for all of us. For all suggestions and input, please write in the comments column below, yes. See you in the following articles.

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