Membership Information:

Any qualified person interested in membership in the GREAT DANE CLUB OF TUCSON must attend two (2) club meetings prior to entering his application for membership.

– These meetings must fall within a twelve (12) month period.

– Applications must be made on the form supplied by the Club/Membership Chairman.

– Each applicant must obtain two (2) sponsors to sign their application who are qualified to vote.

– The applicant’s name, along with sponsors, will be read at the first meeting upon it’s receipt and then published in the Club’ newsletter for two (2) consecutive months.

– At the next meeting following the second publication, the applicant will be voted upon.

– At least one (1) of the two sponsors must be present and an oral report of the applicant will be given. Two-thirds (2/3) majority votes cast shall be required for regular membership.

– Applicant shall not attend the meeting at which the voting will be held.