Many questions from novice animal owners, especially dogs and cats, about giving vitamins or drugs to pets.

Do dogs need supplements or vitamins? Is it safe for dogs?

Pets that are not sick need drugs in the form of vitamins or supplements that must be given regularly around a specified period.

It’s straightforward to give up medicine if the dog has a good appetite. By mixing the drug into his favorite food, the dog also eats it. However, for dogs that have a good desire that is not good enough or are sick, they often reject even work when you hand over drugs also though they have been flavored or mixed with pet food.

In this paper, we will discuss tips and tricks on how to give medicine to your pet.

  • Mixing drugs into his favorite foods

If the dog has a good appetite, you can combine the medicine into the food. For dogs that have a low desire, you can insert medicine in raw or cooked meat, break the drug pill into several parts if the size of the drug pill is too large or to facilitate administration.

For the administration of syrup-based drugs try to blend with food that has a delicate fragrance like canned dog food or you can create your own with a combination of burger meat, ham or sausage so that the smell of the drug does not smell.

If the taste of the drug is bitter, you can give up not much sugar or honey.

  • Forced Drug Administration

You can put a pill near the esophagus by using it with your hand. Position the medicine near the throat and on the tongue. After the drug is placed in the right place, immediately shut up and hold for several times until the dog releases his tongue several times.

If the dog has published his tongue, the medicine has been swallowed. Immediately give a drink or light meal and pay attention to several times after removing the handle, if the medication is not swallowed or vomited, repeat the above technique.

Don’t forget to praise and stroke the dog as soon as the dog passes the medication, so the dog is not stressed and happy to be given medicine.

  • Provision of Forced Syrup

To make it easier to administer the drug in a liquid format using an injection that has been removed from the needle or if we do not chase the syringe, you can use a pipette that you can get at the nearest drug store or pharmacy.

Make sure the animal’s mouth stays in a closed atmosphere, insert the thumb of your left hand at the very back of the jaw.

Slip syringes or pipettes were containing drugs. Enter the medication slowly because if it is rushed or fast it can cause the dog to choke.

Reflexively the animal will lick when the drug is slowly inserted, for drugs that have a sweet taste the dog will be happier.

When finished, immediately give light foods that he likes and give praise so that the administration of drugs becomes an exciting affair for him.

  • Giving medicine in the form of powder

The dog is held, the muzzle is held, and the lower lip is pulled out so that it is arranged like a bag. Then the drug in the form of a powder that has been dissolved can be dropped or poured on the lip bag. The dog will reflexively swallow the solution water. We recommend that the head position slightly up so that the medicine does not spill.

  • Giving medicine in the form of ointment

Feathers around the elements that will be treated try to cut and purify and then apply thinly. For the balm to seep into the skin, do it by sorting and pressing it. Treatment that is only smeared to the point that the ointment is merely attached to the hair or skin is not active.

  • Giving eye drops

The dog is held, the snout is held (try to cure it by two people). The lower eyelid is pulled down, and then the eye drops with enough drops.

After a considerable amount of retractable eyelid is released, the dog’s head is still held for several minutes so that the medicine does not spill.

  • Giving ear drops

After the dog is held, the dog’s ear is purified first so that the earwax or liquid in the ear is clean. Then after cleaning, the dog’s ears are pulled up, then dripped with ear drops.

If the dog needs your help in administering the drug, and it turns out the dog is the most difficult in giving the medication because it is not used to being fed. Then another technique to make it easier for us to administer medicine is to take it to the nearest doctor.

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