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5 Easy Tips for Cleaning The House for Cats and Dogs

Having a pet is fun, like cats or dogs. These two furry animals are human’s favorite pets because they are adorable! Cats are famous for their arrogant but compassionate behavior, while dogs are ‘best friends’ to humans. The presence of cats and dogs in life can make your days more colorful!

But to be honest, there are some things that make your life more troublesome when raising a cat or dog. Starting from the feathers that are scattered and stuck to the entire furniture of the house, the dirt that is thrown away anywhere, and the smell of animals that sometimes envelops the room. Because of things like this, many feel lazy to raise animals, especially furry ones. For those who have maintained, always feel hassles when cleaning the house. But, take it easy. These are tips on cleaning the house for cat and dog owners.

1. Using masking tape


In addition to glue, you can use masking tape to clean animal hair from home furniture. The sticky side of masking tape can lift cat or dog fur that is difficult to clean off the couch, more practical than a vacuum cleaner. You can wrap masking tape on the roller paint with the sticky side facing outside. Rub the roller on the sofa or furniture that you want to clean from animal hair. You can also tape the sponge with tape to clean the corner of the room.

2. Coating the sandpit with plastic

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There are special tricks to help you speed up the process of cleaning up your cat’s littering place. Cover your cat’s sandpit with a plastic bag before filling it with sand. So when you have to replace it, you just take the plastic, tie it up and throw it away. Practical is not it?

3. Using cable protectors


In fact, some animals like to chew cables that run across the corner of your room. Not only dangerous for him, this habit can also harm you because you have to replace the cable with a new one. The solution, you can roll the cable with cable protectors made of plastic. You can get it easily, really, for example in an automotive shop. Wrap your cord with this shield, and your worries will disappear!

4. Use a pet repellent


To train your pet to avoid home furniture, place a protective plastic rug that has soft spines on the chair or sofa he sits on frequently. You can cut this carpet into a size that suits your furniture. This protective plastic carpet can train your cat or dog to stay away from the couch or other objects that you want to protect. The soft side of the thorn will make the animal feel uncomfortable and find another place to rest.

5. Disguise animal scratches


Do you scratch the door or window of a wooden house with your pet’s scratches? Calm down, calm down. You don’t need to replace it if only minor damage occurs. Disguise the scratch marks on the wood with stain and varnish. The stain gel works well to match the color of your door or window.

12 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Are Rarely Known

Do you think you know all the facts about dogs? Check 12 surprising facts about this dog.

They look after you well respond appropriately to the emotions of humans, and a dog can care about the owner. A good emotional connection between humans and dogs has occurred hundreds of years ago.

  1. 2-year-old Toddler’s Smart Dog

Facts about the first dog. This is the proposition of toddlers, and our dogs get along well: they say the same language. Or at least, they want to understand about the same number of words and the movement of 250 bodies!

  1. Your dog dreams of you when you leave

If you think our dog knows when it’s time to have dinner or take a walk, we’re right! Dogs learn about our routines and customs, and they feel how long time has passed. A study indicates how dogs respond in the opposite direction to their owners who go for different periods as well.

  1. Our Dog’s Mustache Helps “See” In the Dark

Their whiskers snatched even the slightest evolution of air currents, giving up our dogs with information about the size, shape, and speed of the closest bobjack. This allows your dog to have a better instinct for danger or prey – even at night.

  1. Dogs Have Sweat Glands on Their Feet

That is why the business can help to sprinkle the bottom of their feet on a hot day, and that is also why dogs gasp as their technique calms the body.

  1. 150 Kg Strength Dog Jaw

Tests were carried out on the German shepherd, the American pit bull terrier, and the Rottweiler. In comparison, humans deployed 55 kg, white sharks deployed 270 kilograms, and crocodiles deployed an enormous 1.1 tons! Dogs also have 42 adult teeth. With this strength, Casino company start to hiring dog and veteran as their office security, not to mention to secure their visitor but also their server that serve millions of online transactions in sports betting such as Agen Sbobet Terpercaya di Indonesia and also casino games.

[caption id="attachment_670" align="alignnone" width="770"] Dog and Veteran as Office Security[/caption]
  1. The Puppy Is Physically Mature = Man 15 Years

Of course, the offspring who oppose us are not much different. You can get a more appropriate comparison of your dog using the Dog Age Calculator.

  1. The smell of dogs is 10 million times better than humans

Dogs have between 125,000,000-300,000,000 odor glands. And the dog’s mind can control odor 40 times more than humans, even though the dog’s mind is much smaller than a human.

  1. Dogs Can Kiss Your Feelings

Your dog can scoop up your fragrance changes, which can help find out how you feel, like breathing your sweat when you become nervous or scared. This is also the possibility of how dogs can detect certain diseases or know that members of the location live on the ladder.

  1. Dogs dream

Dogs and humans have the same slow wave type (SWS) during sleep. Twitching and leg movements that occur around rest indicate that our pets are dreaming.

  1. The most sensitive dog against lightning

Did we know that thunder or lightning that occurs when rain can cause a frequency or vibration that creates a dog’s ear to pain? Therefore if there is thunder or lightning, sometimes the dog is shocked and barks because they are most sensitive to electricity until their ears are sore because of this.

  1. Dogs Can Be Jealous

Just like humans, dogs can be jealous. It may seem surprising that dogs have feelings of jealousy like humans, but in one study indicated that dogs could express their envy. It appears from the similarity of the hormone oxytocin which exists in humans where the affair can be seen when a dog and even humans express their love and envy.

  1. Quiet Dogs Aging Longer Than Aggressive Dogs

Facts about the last dog are. A study was conducted in June 2010 later by The American Naturalist on 56 types of dogs. The study struggled to find out many factors that assess the energy, personality, development, and lifespan of dogs.

It turns out that dogs that are aggressive or fierce have rapid growth and die young. The opposite also happens. Namely, a dog that is tame or not too aggressive will have a longer life span.

We aspire to register this reality about dogs and teach us to give a better appreciation to our best human friends. They are amazing and friendly animals.

Tricks To Help Train Your Great Dane Faster

The Great Danes are considered as huge, powerful and big sized dogs that are also known as Boar Hounds as they used to hunt boars but with time, these dogs have been kept as pet. If you love your pet dog then you will need to pamper him so that he feels loved but make sure that it does not get out of control. Socialization and early training of your Great Dane is very important for training your giant dog breed so that you will enjoy spending your time with this loyal, affectionate and approachable pet.

For this you will need to know the tricks to help train your Great Dane faster so that you don’t face challenges while taking care of the dog. These tricks will also helps in encouraging positive behavior in your dog so that he will become a successful companion after getting the right kind of training and for avoiding frustration later in your life.


Benefits of training your Great Dane faster

The most important benefits that you can get from training this dog is that it will help in enhancing the overall well being and health of your giant and powerful dogs while avoiding instances when your  dog will become troublesome and uncontrollable. Your dog will get an assurance, calmness and confidence that are needed for handling your dog early in life because it will become difficult later in life. The training will help you in making your dog obedient as he will learn something every day as you will engage his mind daily for building bond and trust.

Tricks To Help Train Your Great Dane Faster  

Play interesting games- if you want your dog to be well behaved and disciplined then you will need to make him engage in interesting games that allows him to play in a certain manner according to the rules and regulations of the games.

Opt for obedience training- training your dog is beneficial when you start young because when the Great Dane become larger and older, it will become difficult to train this dog. Hence you should start training early so that your dog will be free from behavioral issue and you need to teach him to socialize as they are shy in nature.    Short training sessions- rather than opting for longer training sessions where your dog might lose interest in getting trained, you should consider keeping these sessions short so that it will become worth investing your time.

Look for motivation- dogs love to be motivated for everything that they do and hence you will need to look for things or activities that will motivate your Great Dane, so that you will enjoy your companionship with your pet dog.

Be consistent- when training your dog, consistent is the key as you need to be consistent with your training sessions so that the dog will remain happy and will get rewarded every time he does something worth mentioning. You need to pay attention to the time duration that you are investing in training your dog so that the session will become more effective and help you get the desired outcome.

How to Take Care of Your Pet at Home Right

Having a pet is fun at home. But if wrong care, it will undoubtedly interfere with the owner. Both in terms of cleanliness, health and so on. Here are some things that must be done when having a pet.

  • Regularly Feed and Drink

Every pet needs a decent food and drinks to continue to survive and also requires proper nutrition to maintain its metabolic equilibrium. Giving food and drinking carelessly will be dominantly bad for pets.
Even giving food is not only seeing aspects of quantity, but also quality. Frequently exchanging ideas with experienced or all seniors who are not less knowledgeable and experienced, will undoubtedly increase knowledge and avoid things that are not expected in pets.

  • Cleaning / Bathing Pets

Keeping the pets clean so that they are not filled with germs; of course, they will guard your health indirectly. For individual animals, it may not need to be bathed or purified like fish, insects, snails, and others. Regularly wash animals that you keep, so they are clean of germs.

  • Giving a Good Enclosure and Cleaning the Enclosure

Sure pets need a right cage to live well. For example like an aquarium for ornamental fish, ponds for koi fish, bird cages, chicken cages, horse-riding stables, and so on.

Cleaning the cage, even if it’s not fun, must still be done. This is done so that your favorite animal is not overgrown with germs. Clean and maintain the location of living pets regularly to avoid the risk of exposure to disease or stress because of dirty cages.

  • Treating When Sick and Giving Vaccine Disease

Diseased animals must be processed immediately. If necessary, you can take it to the vet to find adequate care. However, as an animal owner, try to understand how to treat the technique so that we can take healing actions that must be done immediately so that the handling is not too late.
For individual animals, it is necessary to provide immunization or vaccine for certain diseases to avoid infection with dangerous diseases.

  • Giving Attention and Affection

Giving attention and a good sense of love especially for mammals (mammals) like cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and others turned out to be most needed. For certain mammals and other animals, it is necessary to be told to play and interact according to the type of animal. It takes considerable knowledge in giving attention and affection to pets. Thus it is highly recommended to master it first before raising pets.

How to Safely and Properly Feed a Puppy

Same as a newborn baby, feeding puppies require special treatment. Because the digestive system of small dogs is still in the developmental and most sensitive process, at the age of 6-8 weeks, puppies should be in their mother’s care. The mother’s milk is the best (natural) nutrition source and will strengthen the antibody system that protects the puppy from all diseases.

In certain situations, puppies cannot get treatment from the mother for at least six weeks especially if the mother suffers from eclampsia, mastitis or other health problems.

Feed puppies

If the case is already done above, the owner must listen to the following to ensure the puppy’s health.

  • Drinking water

Replace drinking water with clean and fresh water in the morning and evening. Pay attention to the volume of water, not too little or too little. Make sure the location of water is not often clean.

  • For new owners

If your child moves to the new owner, ask about the type and period of the meal to the previous owner. Try to give the same dinner as the previous one or if you want to replace it, replace it gradually.

Changes in the brand or type of dog food suddenly can cause intestinal and gastric disorders until it causes death in puppies.

  • Soften puppy food

The stomach and intestines of small dogs are still the weakest so that the best food is dog food which contains not much fiber and soft so that it can be adequately understood.

Even though they are four months old, try to keep small dogs with porridge or snacks. Because if forced to be given food that is too rough can cause problems in the digestive device and can cause diarrhea. Tip: Soak dog food with clean water until soft

  • The danger of human formula milk

Consumption of human milk formula can cause problems in the intestines and stomach of small dogs because in milk formula there is a combination that is not needed by dogs.

Milk dogs often have 3x higher protein levels than cow’s milk, even 8x higher than human milk. Dog milk is a type of fluid with high protein, containing high fat and low lactose.

The dog’s intestine is only able to understand milk with low lactose levels. If you give cow’s milk or formula milk to small dogs, yeast can appear in the intestine and will cause diarrhea.

  • Additional nutrition

You should add not much calcium or vitamin A, D and intake to food. Share the portion of food, depending on the size of the dog and its portion of age.
For breeds that have large bones, give not much more than a few small dogs.

We recommend handing over dog food of Holistic quality, which is created from ingredients that they eat in nature (natural food).

  • Don’t leave it fat

As mentioned in point five. If we don’t arrange food for puppies, they can be overweight and even obese. In feeding puppies, you have to schedule it every three times a day in small portions, because the digestive ability of puppies is still limited. At least the above meal schedule must be applied until the age of 14-18 weeks after feeding can be done 2x a day.

But all of them passed on to the owners, of course, for formal workers the most difficult was doing it. The above chart is merely a reflection for you, or if possible, ask for help from your family.