7 Pets Animal That Can Bring Luck Into Your Life

There are so many types of fauna on the face of the earth, and there are a number of them made into pet animals. But, you already know if some pet can bring good luck, you know.

Of the many cultures and beliefs that are available, maybe your pets at home belong to the fortunate carrier animal fauna list. Well, let’s look at the row so I can win the Tap Tap March. Who knows the luck can bring you the ideal item!

Pet Animals That Believed Can Bring Prosperous Into Your Life

  • Louhan Fish

Because of the elegance of the body, Louhan fish are among the pet fish that people don’t like a little. This fish also has a high selling value because it is felt to bring good luck, multiplied if it has an exciting and rare style.

In the belief of feng shui, reliable if Lohan fish can give positive energy. If the Louhan fish is placed in the southeast, wealth will follow the owner. Also, if Louhan is situated in the East, it can increase happiness and family welfare.

  • Cats

Often, watching a small cat statue with his hands swinging from top to bottom? In Japan, the cat believed can bring luck and order a fortune to come.

Therefore, not a few shops that display this cat statue in the front element. Also, if a cat is made into a pet fauna, then it will depend on luck for the owner.

For Egyptians, this adorable fauna is the most respected and relied upon as a gatekeeper between other worlds.

  • Koi Fish

Not only Louhan fish, but this koi fish from China also has a high selling value and is relied on to bring fortune to the owner of the house. Often koi fish are used as objects for painting all artists and ornamental fish to support their homes.

Superior Koi fish can provide positive energy to launch sustenance. The price can be even crazier if there are exclusive color features on the body.

  • Turtle Bird

Already a long time ago, the turtle bird became a great symbol in the community. Moreover, if you have been singing, the chirp is said to be excellent luck.

The price can be increased if the turtle bird has been singing and showing off its voice.

  • Arowana fish

There is no doubt that Arowana is one of the most popular fish among ornamental fish enthusiasts. Not merely a carrier of luck, Arowana often indicates a person’s social level because the price can soar.

The most popular type is Super Red Arowana, which can reach hundreds of millions Rupiah. However, it has the most vigorous aura. Many casino players maintain Arowana fish as a symbol of their fortune and prestige. Due to the high prices, Arowana fish is a collection for rich people. Casino companies use this symbol in some of their gambling games, such as the image in the back of poker card in idn poker online which the most favorite games, this is certainly done to attract play because Arowana fish is identical with luck.

  • Turtles

It is said that he said, turtles are animals with magnets of great fortune. Not only in Indonesia, in other countries, but the turtle is also the bearer of luck.

Behind the slow motion, this reptile fauna can give great hockey because of some philosophies attached to it. Chinese people believe turtles can help realize financial stability and luck.

  • Frogs

Some cultures write that frogs are a symbol of one of them, Japan. For Japanese people, frogs have special meanings and have even been included in the tradition of the people.

Indeed, perhaps some people do not like this one swamp fauna, but who would have thought that frogs could provide happiness, fertility, and blessings to their owners.

Well, from the line of exciting animals above do we believe and are interested in having or even you have one of these pet fauna?

12 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Are Rarely Known

Do you think you know all the facts about dogs? Check 12 surprising facts about this dog.

They look after you well respond appropriately to the emotions of humans, and a dog can care about the owner. A good emotional connection between humans and dogs has occurred hundreds of years ago.

  1. 2-year-old Toddler’s Smart Dog

Facts about the first dog. This is the proposition of toddlers, and our dogs get along well: they say the same language. Or at least, they want to understand about the same number of words and the movement of 250 bodies!

  1. Your dog dreams of you when you leave

If you think our dog knows when it’s time to have dinner or take a walk, we’re right! Dogs learn about our routines and customs, and they feel how long time has passed. A study indicates how dogs respond in the opposite direction to their owners who go for different periods as well.

  1. Our Dog’s Mustache Helps “See” In the Dark

Their whiskers snatched even the slightest evolution of air currents, giving up our dogs with information about the size, shape, and speed of the closest bobjack. This allows your dog to have a better instinct for danger or prey – even at night.

  1. Dogs Have Sweat Glands on Their Feet

That is why the business can help to sprinkle the bottom of their feet on a hot day, and that is also why dogs gasp as their technique calms the body.

  1. 150 Kg Strength Dog Jaw

Tests were carried out on the German shepherd, the American pit bull terrier, and the Rottweiler. In comparison, humans deployed 55 kg, white sharks deployed 270 kilograms, and crocodiles deployed an enormous 1.1 tons! Dogs also have 42 adult teeth. With this strength, Casino company start to hiring dog and veteran as their office security, not to mention to secure their visitor but also their server that serve millions of online transactions in sports betting such as Agen Sbobet Terpercaya di Indonesia and also casino games.

[caption id="attachment_670" align="alignnone" width="770"] Dog and Veteran as Office Security[/caption]
  1. The Puppy Is Physically Mature = Man 15 Years

Of course, the offspring who oppose us are not much different. You can get a more appropriate comparison of your dog using the Dog Age Calculator.

  1. The smell of dogs is 10 million times better than humans

Dogs have between 125,000,000-300,000,000 odor glands. And the dog’s mind can control odor 40 times more than humans, even though the dog’s mind is much smaller than a human.

  1. Dogs Can Kiss Your Feelings

Your dog can scoop up your fragrance changes, which can help find out how you feel, like breathing your sweat when you become nervous or scared. This is also the possibility of how dogs can detect certain diseases or know that members of the location live on the ladder.

  1. Dogs dream

Dogs and humans have the same slow wave type (SWS) during sleep. Twitching and leg movements that occur around rest indicate that our pets are dreaming.

  1. The most sensitive dog against lightning

Did we know that thunder or lightning that occurs when rain can cause a frequency or vibration that creates a dog’s ear to pain? Therefore if there is thunder or lightning, sometimes the dog is shocked and barks because they are most sensitive to electricity until their ears are sore because of this.

  1. Dogs Can Be Jealous

Just like humans, dogs can be jealous. It may seem surprising that dogs have feelings of jealousy like humans, but in one study indicated that dogs could express their envy. It appears from the similarity of the hormone oxytocin which exists in humans where the affair can be seen when a dog and even humans express their love and envy.

  1. Quiet Dogs Aging Longer Than Aggressive Dogs

Facts about the last dog are. A study was conducted in June 2010 later by The American Naturalist on 56 types of dogs. The study struggled to find out many factors that assess the energy, personality, development, and lifespan of dogs.

It turns out that dogs that are aggressive or fierce have rapid growth and die young. The opposite also happens. Namely, a dog that is tame or not too aggressive will have a longer life span.

We aspire to register this reality about dogs and teach us to give a better appreciation to our best human friends. They are amazing and friendly animals.

How to Give Medicine for Your Pets

Many questions from novice animal owners, especially dogs and cats, about giving vitamins or drugs to pets.

Do dogs need supplements or vitamins? Is it safe for dogs?

Pets that are not sick need drugs in the form of vitamins or supplements that must be given regularly around a specified period.

It’s straightforward to give up medicine if the dog has a good appetite. By mixing the drug into his favorite food, the dog also eats it. However, for dogs that have a good desire that is not good enough or are sick, they often reject even work when you hand over drugs also though they have been flavored or mixed with pet food.

In this paper, we will discuss tips and tricks on how to give medicine to your pet.

  • Mixing drugs into his favorite foods

If the dog has a good appetite, you can combine the medicine into the food. For dogs that have a low desire, you can insert medicine in raw or cooked meat, break the drug pill into several parts if the size of the drug pill is too large or to facilitate administration.

For the administration of syrup-based drugs try to blend with food that has a delicate fragrance like canned dog food or you can create your own with a combination of burger meat, ham or sausage so that the smell of the drug does not smell.

If the taste of the drug is bitter, you can give up not much sugar or honey.

  • Forced Drug Administration

You can put a pill near the esophagus by using it with your hand. Position the medicine near the throat and on the tongue. After the drug is placed in the right place, immediately shut up and hold for several times until the dog releases his tongue several times.

If the dog has published his tongue, the medicine has been swallowed. Immediately give a drink or light meal and pay attention to several times after removing the handle, if the medication is not swallowed or vomited, repeat the above technique.

Don’t forget to praise and stroke the dog as soon as the dog passes the medication, so the dog is not stressed and happy to be given medicine.

  • Provision of Forced Syrup

To make it easier to administer the drug in a liquid format using an injection that has been removed from the needle or if we do not chase the syringe, you can use a pipette that you can get at the nearest drug store or pharmacy.

Make sure the animal’s mouth stays in a closed atmosphere, insert the thumb of your left hand at the very back of the jaw.

Slip syringes or pipettes were containing drugs. Enter the medication slowly because if it is rushed or fast it can cause the dog to choke.

Reflexively the animal will lick when the drug is slowly inserted, for drugs that have a sweet taste the dog will be happier.

When finished, immediately give light foods that he likes and give praise so that the administration of drugs becomes an exciting affair for him.

  • Giving medicine in the form of powder

The dog is held, the muzzle is held, and the lower lip is pulled out so that it is arranged like a bag. Then the drug in the form of a powder that has been dissolved can be dropped or poured on the lip bag. The dog will reflexively swallow the solution water. We recommend that the head position slightly up so that the medicine does not spill.

  • Giving medicine in the form of ointment

Feathers around the elements that will be treated try to cut and purify and then apply thinly. For the balm to seep into the skin, do it by sorting and pressing it. Treatment that is only smeared to the point that the ointment is merely attached to the hair or skin is not active.

  • Giving eye drops

The dog is held, the snout is held (try to cure it by two people). The lower eyelid is pulled down, and then the eye drops with enough drops.

After a considerable amount of retractable eyelid is released, the dog’s head is still held for several minutes so that the medicine does not spill.

  • Giving ear drops

After the dog is held, the dog’s ear is purified first so that the earwax or liquid in the ear is clean. Then after cleaning, the dog’s ears are pulled up, then dripped with ear drops.

If the dog needs your help in administering the drug, and it turns out the dog is the most difficult in giving the medication because it is not used to being fed. Then another technique to make it easier for us to administer medicine is to take it to the nearest doctor.