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Having a pet is fun, like cats or dogs. These two furry animals are human’s favorite pets because they are adorable! Cats are famous for their arrogant but compassionate behavior, while dogs are ‘best friends’ to humans. The presence of cats and dogs in life can make your days more colorful!

But to be honest, there are some things that make your life more troublesome when raising a cat or dog. Starting from the feathers that are scattered and stuck to the entire furniture of the house, the dirt that is thrown away anywhere, and the smell of animals that sometimes envelops the room. Because of things like this, many feel lazy to raise animals, especially furry ones. For those who have maintained, always feel hassles when cleaning the house. But, take it easy. These are tips on cleaning the house for cat and dog owners.

1. Using masking tape


In addition to glue, you can use masking tape to clean animal hair from home furniture. The sticky side of masking tape can lift cat or dog fur that is difficult to clean off the couch, more practical than a vacuum cleaner. You can wrap masking tape on the roller paint with the sticky side facing outside. Rub the roller on the sofa or furniture that you want to clean from animal hair. You can also tape the sponge with tape to clean the corner of the room.

2. Coating the sandpit with plastic

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There are special tricks to help you speed up the process of cleaning up your cat’s littering place. Cover your cat’s sandpit with a plastic bag before filling it with sand. So when you have to replace it, you just take the plastic, tie it up and throw it away. Practical is not it?

3. Using cable protectors


In fact, some animals like to chew cables that run across the corner of your room. Not only dangerous for him, this habit can also harm you because you have to replace the cable with a new one. The solution, you can roll the cable with cable protectors made of plastic. You can get it easily, really, for example in an automotive shop. Wrap your cord with this shield, and your worries will disappear!

4. Use a pet repellent


To train your pet to avoid home furniture, place a protective plastic rug that has soft spines on the chair or sofa he sits on frequently. You can cut this carpet into a size that suits your furniture. This protective plastic carpet can train your cat or dog to stay away from the couch or other objects that you want to protect. The soft side of the thorn will make the animal feel uncomfortable and find another place to rest.

5. Disguise animal scratches


Do you scratch the door or window of a wooden house with your pet’s scratches? Calm down, calm down. You don’t need to replace it if only minor damage occurs. Disguise the scratch marks on the wood with stain and varnish. The stain gel works well to match the color of your door or window.

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