Companions for Life

It is a shame there is a need to have rescue programs. Be that as it may, the need for rescue programs exist because there are callous and even mean people out there who won’t except any responsibility for their actions and have a total disregard for life. These wonderful animals in rescue programs have never done anything to deserve being mistreated or neglected. All they ever wanted was to be a Companion for Life.

We have no Danes available at the moment, however, if you are interested in sharing your life with one of these wonderful and precious Great Danes, please contact Pat Hubbard (See contact information below).

For your convenience, if we have a Dane available you would like to offer a great and loving home to, please see our GDCT application HERE

We apologize for the details requested in our form, but because of the trauma most rescue animals go through, we must make sure they are placed in the best homes possible.

Great Dane Club of Tucson
Joan Russell
Rescue Chairperson
Phone or Text: 520-270-4629

The following link and contact will provide more Dane rescue information:
Great Dane Club of America
Kathie Shea
PO BOX 123
Kemblesville PA 19347

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